Polymer Clay for Kids

Polymer Clay for Kids

Kids of every age love polymer clay! It's a fun and easy way to make art projects that you and your friends will love and use! No matter what you are into-whether it's jewelry, animals, flowers, dragons, science or just cool designs, you can make it with clay! Try fun activity kits, where everything that you need is included! If you can imagine it, you can make it!

Free Project Ideas

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Safety Tips

Squish the clay in your hands first for a minute or so to get it soft and stretchy.

If you don't have a big, square ceramic tile, ask Mom or Dad to use masking tape to tape some white paper or some waxed paper down on the counter top. This is your work surface.

Always follow package directions for baking, and have a grownup help.

Look around your house for cool tools to use, like cookie cutters, rubber stamps, leather crafting tools and old silverware. Ask first, though, before you use it!!

Don't use anything you want to eat with later, like a plate.

Wash your hands after you work with clay. Baby wipes work great.

Building BIG monsters? Use tin foil squeezed real tight for the center, and then just cover with clay.


We think that kids make great art and we'd like to show it! Do you have clay artwork that you would like to share with us? Here's how:

Have a grown up help you to:
Send-a picture of your work to customerservice@polymerclaysuperstore.com
Include-your first name, state or country, and title of your work
Give credit-Original creations are great! If you decide to make something that you saw in a book or on the internet, please include who "designed" it or where you saw it!
Be helpful-if you have any tips or tricks that you learned while making your art that might be helpful to others, include that!
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